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 Get to know us

 Apidalos Apartments is a family run business which consists of four brand new apartments in a newly built property in Corfu. 

Our vision was to create quality rental apartments with a unique style, offering a really personal hospitality service. 

We named our company Apidalos, after the symbol of Corfu 'Apidalos Nafs' , meaning "the ship that has no rudder", due to the reknowed seafaring  prowess of Ancient Corfiots. According to Homer that ship went wherever the captain intended to just by thinking of it.

We gave the  apartments names linked to that ship: 

Nafs means "ship", Nòon  is "the one that thinks on its own" , Plous  stands for  "voyage" and Apidalos  "without rudder"

Hope you enjoy your stay with us as much as we enjoy hosting you in our beautiful island! 

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Stratias Str. 

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  +30 6947125017

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